1. ….. but now I feel I have the tools I need to get the shots I want and should only improve with practice!

    I thought it was fantastic! The sites we photographed were amazing and so close to Jasper! Lots of great tips and assistance. I had been getting frustrated at home just watching YouTube videos and trying to shoot the night sky, but now I feel I have the tools I need to get the shots I want and should only improve with practice! The one year of professional support and followup is worth the cost of…Read More

    Lee L - Alberta
  2. I learned so much in such a short period of time and am very proud of my photos.

    I will definitely give a positive recommendation on your workshop! You made everyone feel very comfortable and were very approachable and patient with the workshop! I learned so much in such a short period of time and am very proud of my photos. (I even got a compliment on Facebook on what a great photographer I am…ha ha…if they only knew!)…Read More

    Sherman H - Alberta
  3. “It was an experience of a lifetime”

    It was an experience of a lifetime. Being a photographer from New York, I would have never thought I would get the chance to learn how to shoot the night sky. With the help of our workshop leaders, I was able to photograph such amazing pictures of the mountains and stars!…Read More

    Ashley R - New Jersey, USA

    “AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE” Canadian Photo Adventures delivered an outstanding and memorable experience! I am fairly new at photography, but Jack really took the time and effort to help me understand the different concepts/principles. I strongly believe that I walked out of this tour with a stronger set of camera skills and a deeper understanding of photography. I couldn’t be more happier with m…Read More

    Nathan W - Los Angeles, CA
  5. What an amazing experience!

    What an amazing experience! Cam and Jack taught me how pro photographers shoot landscapes from composition to post production and now have really great pictures every time. You walk away with a new skill-set and some new friends too. Still talk with them regularly and planning my next trip!…Read More

    Bobby - Ohio, USA
  6. I would definitely recommend the trip…

    I would definitely recommend the trip to any photographer looking to go to the rocky mountains. you guys took care of all the daunting things like transportation, hotel and where to go. I was comfortable just showing up in the morning and knowing that I would be in good hands for the day.…Read More

    Debbie B - New York
  7. I absolutely loved the workshop

    Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Dark Sky Photography course to anyone. It's a great way to learn or refine your skills, plus you get to meet some like-minded people and share your love for photography.…Read More

    Courtney T - British Columbia
  8. I would/will tell my friends to “just go…you’ll learn a lot and have fun doing it.”

    My favourite part of the workshop was meeting and learning from others in attendance. It was a very friendly, inviting and enjoyable environment. Rae B (Dark Sky Workshop 2016)…Read More

    Rae B - Alberta
  9. Excellent Experience

    Cam and Jack provide a excellent photography tour experience. They provide as much or as little technical or artistic input as you require based on your experience level. I will definitely be taking another photography tour with them.…Read More

    Jason S - Alberta
  10. Great Time

    I had a great time, even in the cold, snow and rain! I'm definitely way more confident in my night photography now! It was extremely helpful to have the practical lessons right after the theory lessons so we could use what we learned right away.…Read More

    Charlene P - Alberta