1. Always learning and pushing boundaries

    Often times when teaching these photography workshops, we have in our minds the "best" angles, or the best views of the location. It's always so refreshing to see participants set off and explore the area themselves. We purposely leave ample amount of time for people to explore their creative side. As we start to review the photos, it's amazing to see what new creative options the participants hav…Read More

  2. 2 Key Elements to Flower Photography

    When it comes to nature photography, there are so many elements to capture with your lens. For some, they wish to focus on landscapes; others are captivated by wildlife. This blog is for nature photography enthusiasts who love photographing flowers. Just as flowers attract bees, they also catch the eye of photographers because of their interesting shapes and textures and vivid colors. You may be u…Read More

  3. The Power of Experiential Learning

    So you have recently invested in a DSLR camera because you want to master your photography skills. Maybe you have a whole stack of books about photography you want to get through, or maybe you are waiting to take a photography workshop before you get started on your own. As beneficial as it can be to learn more information about photography, nothing can replace the value of experiential learning. …Read More

  4. 7 Tips For Night Photography Shoots

    In our previous blog, we went over our Jasper Dark Sky Festival photography adventure, during which we take participants to a world-renowned dark sky reserve in Alberta to learn about night photography and practice their skills with the gorgeous, untouched night sky of Jasper. This is the best way possible to learn how to successfully master nighttime photography because you have professional phot…Read More

  5. The Jasper Dark Sky Festival: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

    At Canadian Photo Adventures, we are thrilled to introduce participants of one of our Canadian photography tours to the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, an event that takes place every year in Jasper, AB. The Jasper Dark Sky Festival is a celebration of one of the largest dark sky preserves in the world. The experience itself is once in a lifetime, and when you go on our Canadian photography tour, you wi…Read More