b6496b_da6f85d9a7814f5f874ed75f412faaeaWe had a great group of people who joined us at the Jasper Dark Sky festival at the famous Jasper Park Lodge!

We spent time reviewing course material before heading out into the field. We covered the same material as last week, including:

  • How to quickly compose / focus for night shooting
  • How to capture (or not) star trails
  • How to prepare for a night shoot
  • Post-production tips and techniques

The weather was a bit chilly (ok, down right cold) and we even encountered some rain / flurries, but that didn’t stop us!

The first night we stayed close to the lodge and worked on composition. Although there were some clouds, we still captured some amazing photos! There were some really creative people in the group, who could be found exploring the area for new creative options!

After the in-field portion, we hung out and chatted for a while longer to warm up.

The group captured some amazing photos!!

Another great workshop!