b6496b_d4fb8c505c924a9eb41573815a3e2cdaWe had a great group of people who joined us at the Jasper Dark Sky festival at the famous Jasper Park Lodge!!

We spent time in the classroom reviewing camera basics then jumped into tips for night shooting, including:

  • How to quickly compose / focus for night shooting
  • How to capture (or not) star trails
  • How to prepare for a night shoot
  • Post-production tips and techniques

We had some really great questions which lead to interactive group conversation on landscape photography and composition tips!

We then had 2 great nights out in the field practising the skills we learned.

The first night we stayed close to the lodge and worked on composition and how to capture the milky way. While the clouds started rolling in on the second night, the group captures some amazing movement in the clouds (thanks to the light from Jasper bouncing off the low clouds), between the star trails as the clouds passed by. We even had glimpse of the Northern Lights through the breaks in the clouds!

The group captured some amazing photos!!

Thanks for a great time everyone!