Our vision

Our vision is simple: we want to share our passion for photography with people who want to learn. We do this by taking you on scenic tours of some of the most beautiful locations in Canada to enhance your photography skills!

While we are passionate about photography, we also want you to have an experience you won’t forget, making new friends and memories for a lifetime.

Come join us for your next adventure!

About the Photographers

b6496b_75f25c7b22cf42e7a5f8713676e4c55cCameron Fischer

Professional, award-winning photographer Cam Fischer has been shooting and sharing his vibrant, captivating images since he began his photography journey. Cam is a graduate of the prestigious New York Institute of Photography, and is also a member of PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada).

As Cam continued to study the art and explore his own creative capacity, his interest in photography continued expanding to capture exceptional and exquisite landscapes.

In early 2014, he became accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in Pictoral (Landscape) and went on to have several images accepted at the National Image Salon competition. In 2015, Cam not only had work accepted at the PPOC national photo competition, he also achieved a Merit score.

As Cam continued to expand his skill and love of photography, he began exploring architectural photography, later earning him the Alberta 2014 PPOC “Best In Class” award for architecture.

To purchase one of Cam’s photos, please visit www.FischerJonesGalleries.com.

b6496b_20a8fc21413b4f92bff05b1af19db4f8Jack Werner

Jack developed his passion for photography in early childhood. He was just 12 years old when he got his first 35mm camera. Given to him as a Christmas gift from his parents, it quickly became his favorite “toy” and he considers the camera one of the most precious gifts he has ever received.

Although he had never considered himself a “pro” in those early years, Jack always had a camera close by. He was shooting anytime he had a chance; be it for his high school projects, with his military unit while serving in the Polish Armed Forces, or while simply spending time with friends.

Since the late ’80’s, Jack has been traveling extensively through Europe, North America, The Middle East, Africa, and Australia – with camera in hand – and in the year 2000, an image taken during one of those voyages won him Second Prize at the North American Open Amateur Photography Contest organized by The International Library of Photography.

In 2010, Jack received his Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Certificate of Achievement in Photography, and in his semi-professional work, he has explored many of the photography genres with an emphasis on portrait, beauty, glamour, editorial, and street photography.

Jack believes photography is a universal language of today’s world; able to connect people regardless of their cultural background, ethnicity, race, or age.